1. Does the landlord charge a fee for processing electronic payments? If so, amount? If you set up your rent as an e-check, there is absolutely no fee associated with this. If you use a credit card, most credit card companies will charge a processing fee. To avoid this, we highly recommend that you set up electronic payments via E-check.
  2. I don’t know what to do about setting up utilities. Can you help? There is a utility provider sheet with contact information on our website under the Residents tab -> forms, and one will also be sent out via email to the tenants prior to move-in. The City of Fort Worth handles water and trash utility, and you can select your bin size when you setup your utility with them. Electric can be setup through a provider of your choice, and we recommend using www.powertochoose.org to see all available electric providers and rates. Gas is setup through Atmos Energy.
  3. When is trash day? Trash day is every Wednesday. Please remember to pull the trash bins back up to the house and off of the curb after pick-up
  4. Are there any HOA Rules or restrictive covenants affecting the property? If so, please provide copies as soon as possible. There are no HOA Rules on the property.
  5. What is the TCU overlay and does it affect me? The TCU overlay limits the number of unrelated occupants to 3 in any A-5 single-family home, barring a grandfathered property. If the property is zoned B-2 Multi-family, the overlay does not apply to the property. All of the properties owned and managed by Harvest Rock are grandfathered, so the overlay does not affect them.
  6. Does the Unit have any water softener? If so, what is required to “maintain appropriate levels of necessary chemicals or matter”? No, the City of Fort Worth handles the chemicals for water softening at their treatment plants.
  7. What does the Landlord expect/require the tenants to do in order to “take all necessary precautions to prevent broken water pipes due to freezing or other causes”? We ask you keep your thermostat set to at least 60 degrees during the winter, even if you leave for winter break, and keep cabinets open and a slow drip in faucets during hard freezes. We also send out a reminder email on this when a hard freeze is in the forecast.
  8. Who will be responsible for showing the tenants the location all of the electrical breakers or main water cut off valve? The property manager or maintenance supervisor will be more than happy to swing by the property and show the tenants where these are located.
  9. Do we have to maintain our own lawn? For all properties owned and managed by Harvest Rock, the landlord, at Landlord’s expense will maintain the yard, including yard watering if necessary. If the property is owned by an outside owner, the lawn care might not be included. Please contact the property manager for more information.
  10. Will the property be rekeyed before I move in? Yes, we have a professional locksmith rekey the property prior to new tenants moving in.
  11. Will the property be professionally cleaned before I move in? Yes, we have all of our properties professionally cleaned by a company chosen by the landlord.
  12. When I move out, will I be charged a cleaning fee? Yes, the cost will be deducted from the security deposit.
  13. I won’t be moving in right on my lease start date. Is that a problem? Absolutely not! Please just be sure to have the utilities set up in your name for the lease start date. We will hold your keys in our office until you come by to get them and you can also turn in your Inventory and Condition Form within 3 days after move-in.
  14. Is the written notice of surrender different than the written notice of termination? If so, when is tenant supposed to give the notice of surrender since it says tenant must give “at least 30 days written notice”? Does this mean give notice at least 30 days before move out, within 30 days after move out, or something else? Once your surrender (move-out of) the property and the lease is concluded, just notify us, and within 30-days we will give account of the security deposit and refund it to the forwarding address provided. We communicate back and forth with tenants leading up to the lease end date, and do our walkthrough inspection at noon on the lease end date, so that communication back and forth will provide as notice. If you would like, you can also send us an email when you move-out of the property and surrender it.
  15. What if I need to break my lease early? Would I have to pay anything? Please contact the property manager to discuss this in further detail. There is a 85% marketing fee (85% of the monthly rental amount) charged for marketing the property. You would be responsible for the rent until a new lease is signed on the property. Once a new lease is signed, you would be released from further obligations.